This page lists 16 Earplay performances by performer Eric Zivian.

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Date Composer Work Year Performers
11/11/1996 Toru Takemitsu Quatrain II 1977 Peter Josheff, Joseph Edelberg, Robin Bonnell, Eric Zivian, George Thomson
05/18/1998 Thomas Adès Catch 1991 Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Robin Bonnell, Eric Zivian West Coast premiere
05/18/1998 György Kurtag Hommage à R. Sch. 1990 Peter Josheff, Roxann Jacobson, Eric Zivian
11/15/1999 Ruth Crawford Seeger Sonata for Violin and Piano 1926 Karen Bentley, Eric Zivian
11/15/1999 Eric Zivian Manners of Speaking 1999 Karen Bentley, Robin Bonnell, Peter Josheff, Eric Zivian World premiere
11/15/1999 Jacob Druckman Come Round 1992 Linda Bouchard, Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Karen Bentley, Robin Bonnell, Eric Zivian, Ken Paiscik
05/22/2006 Caspar Johannes Walter Durchscheinende Etüde IV/d 1990 Peter Josheff, Dan Reiter, Eric Zivian US premiere
02/11/2008 Peter Maxwell Davies Hymnos 1967 Peter Josheff, Eric Zivian
02/11/2008 Richard Festinger Diary of a Journey 2003 Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Emily Onderdonk, Thalia Moore, Eric Zivian, Daniel Kennedy, Mary Chun
05/28/2008 Peter Maxwell Davies Ave Maris Stella 1975 Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Ellen Ruth Rose, Dan Reiter, Eric Zivian, Daniel Kennedy, Mary Chun
10/20/2008 Eric Zivian Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano 2008 Peter Josheff, Dan Reiter, Eric Zivian World premiere
03/02/2009 Andrew Imbrie To a Traveler 1971 Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Eric Zivian
03/02/2009 Alexander Hills Line Study 2004 Peter Josheff, Eric Zivian, Loren Mach, Mary Chun
05/20/2009 Nicolas Tzortzis Amenable 2008 Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Dan Reiter, Eric Zivian, Mary Chun US premiere
05/20/2009 Jonathan Harvey Nataraja 1983 Tod Brody, Eric Zivian
03/28/2011 Jonathan Harvey Tombeau de Messiaen 1994 Eric Zivian