Niebla y Luz (2008) by Maria Cristina Kasem
for violin
US premiere

I. Misterioso y calmo
II. Amenazante
III. Como un suspiro etéreo
IV. Violento y vertiginoso
V. Un lamento ancestral
VI. Fantasmagórico
VII. Lejano, sutil

Niebla y Luz is a sort of transition between Argentine and Armenian expression. The piece is inspired in these roots, that in my case configure a very strong, alchemic unit. Three basic themes and their developments constitute the formal skeleton of the piece. The first is a litany, ostinato, showing a strong predominance of major seconds and minor thirds; these intervals are acquainted by irruptive dissonances. This theme is the origin of the first movement of the piece, "Misterioso y calmo" (Mysterious and calm). The development of their former materials originates also the second movement "Amenazante" (Menacing), characterized by strong dynamic changes in double strings. The second theme is based in flageolets and natural harmonics; it should produce a feeling of indefinite timbre, sort of clouds of spectral sonorities. The glissandi already shown in the first movement gain here in importance and autonomy. This second thematic gesture is the origin of the third movement "Como un suspiro etereo" (Like an ethereal sigh). The third thematic element is the key to understanding the whole piece. Its rhythmic characteristic structure is the ideal scenario for the reprise of the other, already treated, sound materials. These principles originate the fourth movement of the piece, "Violento y vertiginoso" (Violent and vertiginous). The global form of Niebla y Luz can be considered as a suite, a succession of small contrasting haikus; but this point of view does not reflect the profound unit of the composition, so I would prefer to think that the piece builds an "arch" where the musical events are systematically transformed.

— M. C. K.    

[from program for January 19, 2015 concert]