Ar Trebui (We Should) (2002) by Igor Iachimciuc
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

It is an honor for me that my piece will be played by such a distinguished ensemble as Earplay. Ar Trebui (We should), a poem for mixed sextet, was composed in the US. I was inspired by the work of the Romanian poetess Ana Blandiana. The musical form of the piece was extracted directly from the poetry:

We should be born aged
Emerged prudent,
To be able to solve our fate in this world,
To know from the beginning the end of each way
And the only thing that is beyond our mind would be the urge to journey
Then we would become younger and younger, growing
Mature and strong, we would reach the gates of creation,
Then going through them, and falling in love like youths,
We would be children at our children’s birth.
They would be then older than we
And would teach us to speak, would lull us to sleep,
We would disappear more and more, becoming smaller and smaller,
As a grapes berry, as a pea, as a wheat seed...
    — Ana Blandiana (translated from Romanian)

Ar Trebui was premiered at the University of Utah with musicians from the Utah symphony conducted by Morris Rosenzweig.

— I. I.    

[from program for May 17, 2004 concert]