The Riot (1993) by Jonathan Harvey
for flute, bass clarinet, and piano

The Riot seems to take "the dance" as its basic raison d'etre. From the title you might expect some chaotic din to be the principal mode of expression, but in fact, it's a much more controlled gathering of thematic characters. The main formal gist of the piece seems to be a series of clear sections (though with very smooth elisions between them), each based more upon a textural idea than a thematic one: irregular dance-like figures, upwards sequences (reminiscent, perhaps, of Shepard'ss tones), etc. The Riot, perhaps owing to its orchestration and its dancelike nature, owes a small debt to Stravinsky: the opening of the piece sounds somewhat like Symphonies for Wind Instruments.

— Christopher Bailey    

[from program for September 12, 2010 concert]