Cincos Transfiguraciones Llanas (2004) by Mirtru Escalona-Mijares
for flute
US premiere; 2006 Earplay Donald Aird Composers Competition winner

The five pieces are inspired by popular Venezuelan songs written at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth. These songs were selected because of their sentimental value to me and my first encounters with music. Two of the pieces have a particular value, I. - Conticinio and IV. - Lejania.

I. - Conticinio
Written by composer Laudelino Mejias to whom I owe my second name (“Mirtru Laudelino”) as my father was a big admirer of him. My parents told me that that was the song that accompanied my first entrance into our house, after my mother and I left the hospital where I was born. Obviously I do not remember anything. The poetic material of Conticinio is drawn from its name, which is in Spanish means the moment when the silence of the night falls. That’s why the weight and the importance of the final silence with the attaca for the second piece.

II.- Danza
This is inspired by Barlovento, a song with Afro Venezuelan Rhythm.

III.- De aroma de Mujer y Flor
This is inspired by a piece which talks about the beauty and charm of women.

IV.- Lejania
The fourth piece is inspired by my mother’s favorite song. It’s homage to her memory. The intimate character of the piece comes from its name and its significance. Lejania means remoteness in English.

V.- ...por el camino...
Inspired by a piece based on the national Venezuelan dance, “Joropo”.

Cinco Transfiguraciones Llana was premiered in the XXIX Aspect Festival, Salzburg, 2005 by Linda Wetherill.

— M. E.-M.    

[from program for August 31, 2007 concert]