A Moment of Farewell (1993) by Donald Aird
for flute, clarinet, and marimba

A Moment of Farewell is dedicated to Tom Nee, who was conductor of the New Hampshire Festival of Music and a great champion of new music. Beginning his career as principal assistant in Minneapolis in the 1940s, Nee taught at McAllister College and later UC San Diego, and continued to conduct the New Hampshire Festival for 26 seasons. A Moment of Farewell was written for his final performance with the Festival, and is built on a soggetto cavato, a musical theme derived from the letters of Thomas Nee's name. Originally scored for trumpet, oboe, and marimba, tonight's version represents a slightly different coloration: for flute, clarinet, and marimba. It was intended to capture the poignancy of Nee's farewell to his friends.

— D. A.    

[from program for November 12, 2001 concert]