Figurines (2014) by Eliane Aberdam
for flute, clarinet, cello, percussion, and piano
World premiere

1. Trois Anges
2. Silhouettes Fugitives

Figurines was inspired by a couple of paintings by Alfred Aberdam (my great-grand-uncle). The piece is in two movements, Trois Anges and Silhouettes Fugitives (the titles of the paintings). In the piece I try to depict the fleeting, swirling figures of the angels and phantasmagorical horses. The interplay between the different timbres and dynamics of the instruments is meant to represent the contrasting colors of the paintings. The harmonic language is mostly modal, except toward the end where it becomes more pungent and dissonant. Rhythmic intricacies and contrapuntal features prevail throughout.


Silhouettes Fugitives
by Alfred Aberdam

— E. A.    

[from program for January 19, 2015 concert]