Works performed by Earplay:

This is the Garden
Thou Art the Sky

Alexander Commins Post (1931–2002) was a devoted friend of contemporary music and served for many years on Earplay's Board of Directors. Born in Akron, Ohio, Alex Post learned to play piano and organ as a child. In 1953 he graduated with a bachelor's degree in music from Williams College and a master's degree at the University of Michigan School of Music, Ann Arbor. In 1958, Alex Post was offered a faculty position at San Francisco State University, where he taught music theory, composition, and organ for the next 28 years. He also served as a minister at the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco. Alex Post performed in venues around the country. He was widely known as an oratorio accompanist both on organ and harpsichord, and performed with many Bay Area groups.

[from program for May 19, 2003 concert]