This page lists 7 Earplay performances by performer Leighton Fong.

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Date Composer Work Year Performers
05/24/2010 Christopher Trebue Moore Amnesia Barrier 2009 Stacey Pelinka, Leighton Fong, Karen Rosenak World premiere
05/18/2015 Nicolas Tzortzis Emak-Bakia 2015 Stacey Pelinka, Matt Ingalls, Ellen Ruth Rose, Leighton Fong, Brenda Tom, Bruce Bennett, Mary Chun World premiere
03/14/2016 Shiuan Chang Monk 2014 Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Leighton Fong, Brenda Tom West Coast premiere
03/14/2016 Stefan Wolpe Trio in Two Parts 1963 Tod Brody, Leighton Fong, Karen Rosenak
05/15/2017 Cindy Cox Lift-up-over sounding 2015 Peter Josheff, Leighton Fong, Brenda Tom, Loren Mach, Linda Bouchard World premiere
02/11/2019 Tristan Murail Paludes 2011 Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Ellen Ruth Rose, Leighton Fong, Mary Chun US premiere
02/11/2019 Patricia Alessandrini Hommage à Purcell 2011 Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Leighton Fong, Brenda Tom US premiere