Antiphonies (1999) by Wayne Peterson
for percussion

Antiphonies was written in response to a commission by the brilliant percussionist, Daniel Kennedy. As the title suggests, there is a continual interplay between the two instruments that takes full advantage of their differences in timbre and methods of playing. Indeed, rapid exchanges often create an illusion that is not unlike that of a duo. Antiphonies is essentially a multi-sectional fantasy that is played without pause. Its quiet, mysterious beginning gradually defines motifs and gestures that are subsequently developed and varied throughout the piece. As tensions increase, the pace quickens, leading to a virtuosic, climactic scherzo. An extensive transition follows which serves to dissipate the agitation. With calm restored, the piece concludes with a broadening elaboration of its opening phrase.

— W. P.    

[from program for November 5, 2007 concert]