The online Earplay audio archive contains recordings of almost all Earplay performances from the 2000-2001 season through the current season. Earplay has recordings of some earlier concerts, but they are not yet available online.

These recordings are for archival purposes only, and access to the recordings is password protected. The recordings are losslessly compressed CD-quality audio (stereo 16-bit audio at 44.1 KHz sampling rate) in MPEG-4 audio format (.m4a), so tracks are large and may be slow to download. Most works are archived as a single track, but some multi-movement works are archived as multiple tracks.

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Library: /archives/audio/earplay.xml
Time: 3d 1h 06m 31s
Tracks: 447
Size: 16.74 GB
Modified: 6/05/19


Concert Date Composer Work Artists Comments Time
Magnetic Commentaries 03/19/2018 Dashow Soundings in Pure Duration n.4 Julie Michael West Coast premiere 11:06
Magnetic Commentaries 03/19/2018 Festinger Kleinen doch emsigen Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Ellen Ruth Rose, Thalia Moore, Mary Chun Earplay commission 16:36
Magnetic Commentaries 03/19/2018 Godsil Aeropittura Tod Brody, Ellen Ruth Rose, Thalia Moore, Brenda Tom 2017 Earplay Donald Aird Composers Competition winner 7:49
Magnetic Commentaries 03/19/2018 Hynninen Glow Within Tod Brody, Peter Josheff World premiere; Earplay commission 8:18
Magnetic Commentaries 03/19/2018 Ivanova Sagittarius Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Thalia Moore, Brenda Tom 6:01